Breaking News: Major NEW FAFSA Issue Impacting Student Aid Calculations

Emergency Webinar!

April 3, 2024 @12PM ET



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We're issuing an emergency webinar to break the news on a newly discovered issue causing incorrect tax data to be used when calculating student aid indexes (SAIs) for potentially 20% of submitted FAFSA applications.This is on top of the many other FAFSA delays and reported errors that have already thrown the financial aid process into turmoil for so many of your families.Peg Keough and Matt Carpenter will break down:
  • What this new issue means for families
  • How families can double-check their SAI and make sure they weren't impacted
  • Potential impacts on financial aid processing
  • Steps families should take NOW to minimize disruptions
 Be among the first to get the facts directly from the frontlines. We'll answer all your questions and provide a triage plan for maximizing and protecting your funding eligibility.
Time is of the essence - register now for this emergency briefing!