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Feeling confused about how to begin the college planning process for your high schooler?

Want accurate, reliable, and helpful information without spending hours sifting through websites and videos online?

Need the basic knowledge, tools, and guidance to feel confident and empowered to successfully make these big decisions?

Then join us for our FREE College Success Bootcamp!
 May 21, 22, & 23
Spend one hour with us each evening and learn how to build your own action plan and smoothly navigate your college planning journey.


May 21
7-8 pm ET/
4-5pm PT

How To Pay for College

In order to know how much college will truly cost your family, you'll need to understand the ins and outs of financial aid and scholarships.

Every school handles it a little differently so in this session we'll build your financial aid foundation so you can navigate affordability, deadlines, and forms with less stress.

We'll cover different ways to find discounts on college costs and how to handle unique family situations.

πŸ“” Walk away with a plan to create your family's personal four year college budget.



May 22
7-8 pm ET/
4-5pm PT

How to Build Your List & Apply to College

Now that you've thought about your budget we need to find schools that will not only fit that budget, but will also fit your teenager's needs and wants.

We'll show you how to build a college list and what your teenager should take some time to really think about. And remember, it's just as important to know what you DON'T like! 

We'll also explain the fundamentals of applying to college. Did you know you have options?

❓Walk away with specific questions your teenager should answer as they start or continue their college search.


May 23
7-8 pm ET/
4-5pm PT

How to Prep for College

So what can you do NOW to prepare? Let's start with standardized tests.

Yes- there are some schools that are still test optional (but that number is getting smaller.) Learn why we encourage EVERYONE to take the SAT or ACT.

Want to know which test you should take, which one is better, and how you can score more scholarship money if you test? We'll cover this and offer strategies on which colleges receive your test scores. 

πŸ“ Walk away with easy to use test-taking tips & tricks your teen can start using right away.


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What You Can Expect:

  • Straight talk from real people who have been in your shoes as parents AND are leading minds in college admissions and financial aid
  • The chance to ask questions during each session and get honest, straightforward answers
  • A better understanding of the entire college planning process
  • Simple action steps to follow so you don't miss important things along the way
  • Recordings of each session to rewatch with your teenager or revisit the information
  • A clear timeline of what to expect and do each year to stay on track

This Bootcamp is for

βœ… Parents of high schoolers who are thinking about attending college 

βœ… Families wanting an easy-to-follow roadmap financial aid, admissions, and test prep

βœ… Anyone who isn't sure where to start looking or planning for college and is overwhelmed just thinking about it right now!

βœ… Those looking for insider knowledge from experts who have been through this before

βœ… Parents who are worried about how to pay for college and want to learn how to maximize financial aid & scholarships


This Bootcamp is NOT for

🚫 Parents who are 100% confident about every step of the college process

🚫 Families wanting to spend extra time and energy figuring out financial aid, admissions, and test prep on their own

🚫 Those who already know exactly which colleges to apply to and have a clear fool-proof plan to get admitted

🚫 Anyone who enjoys being stressed out and anxious about sending their kid college

🚫 Families who can easily afford any college and aren't concerned about costs or getting in


May 2024 Bootcamp Session One (1)

How To Pay for College

Join Matt Carpenter, Co-founder of College Aid Pro, and Peg Keough, Director of Education at College Aid Pro as they explain the ins and outs of paying for college. You'll learn:
  • How to get figure out your family's financial aid eligibility and options
  • Strategies to receive discounts and scholarships, even without qualifying for aid
  • Which colleges are most likely to offer your student merit-based awards and how much
May 2024 Bootcamp Session Two (1)

How To Build Your List & Apply to College

Brian Ford and Dan Bisig, two of our college admissions experts join Matt today and share:

  • The best way to research and identify affordable colleges that fit your student's needs and interests
  • Smart application strategies  - when to apply, how many schools to target, and more
  • Navigating the application process with confidence
May 2024 Bootcamp Session Three (1)

How To Prep for College

On our final day J.P. Schmidt, former USC financial aid director and test prep guru joins Matt and Peg as they dive into the do's and don'ts of standardized tests. 
Get insights on:

  • Why EVERYONE should consider testing (even if it isn't required for admission)
  • Which test your student should take and when
  • Test prep tips and tricks to set your student up for success

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Don't just take our word for it - Read what families are saying about us.

"College Aid Pro is the only service that I've seen which so comprehensively addresses university financing in such an easy and informative way. The people, and the application you've built, have helped us to "run the gauntlet" of scholarships, grants, loans, and savings in a way that has taken a huge worry off our backs!"

Benjamin, Class of 2024 dad

"Peg and Matt were super insightful and they certainly helped me break down the college admission process into digestible chunks. They helped put my mind at ease with their guidance and advice. They also added some much needed levity to this sometimes stressful journey."

Scott, Class of 2024 dad

"I have been extremely impressed not only with your webinars, but the extensive knowledge that everybody has. I've learned so much I pass on information to family and friends that are in the same position - new to this whole process and OVERWHELMED."


Nancy, Class of 2024 mom

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