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How to Appeal For More Money Even With The Current FAFSA Delays

April 2, 2024 @7pm ET/4pm PT

Don't let frustrating FAFSA delays stop you from maximizing your financial aid package! 

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In this info-packed session, you'll learn:


 Join CAP's College Planning Experts Matt Carpenter and Peg Keough to learn smart strategies for drafting a compelling appeal letter - even if you don't have your official aid award yet.
  • How to leverage your family's unique story and circumstances for more financial aid
  • How to evaluate if you received a fair or correct offer
  • Common missed opportunities and pitfalls to avoid when filing an appeal
  • What to realistically expect from the appeals process and how to set appropriate goals
  • The current FAFSA state of affairs and what that means for you
  • What this new FAFSA issue means for families
  • How families can double-check their SAI and make sure they weren't impacted
  • Potential impacts on financial aid processing
  • Steps families should take NOW to minimize disruptions

Look Forward to seeing you there! We are always here to support you on your college planning journey!