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How To Build a College List From An Admissions & Financial Standpoint 

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July 18, 2024 


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Webinar Details:

 Join us for an insightful webinar on crafting your college list with a strategic focus on admissions and financial considerations. Whether you are parent who is just starting the college planning journey or one that is already well on your way, this webinar offers essential guidance to optimize each process.

Our expert panel, including Brian Ford (Application Reader For University of California and former admissions counselor at Boston University), will cover key topics including identifying the right academic and financial fit, maximizing scholarship & financial aid opportunities, and understanding admissions criteria and how to optimize this information for your child.

We'll discuss:

  1. How many colleges should the student apply to?
  2. ED or not ED, that is the question. Early Decision strategy and considerations.
  3. What you can do to make college affordable.
  4. How do you get discounts even if you won't qualify for
    financial aid? (Merit Scholarships)
  5. How can you limit or eliminate the need for student loans.
  6. How to know if you will get financial aid or merit scholarships….and how much.
  7. What colleges will give my family the most money with the least amount of debt
  8. Business & homeowner dos & don'ts.
  9. What divorced/separated families should know.

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