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It's Not Too Late! Final Appeal Strategies & Introduction To Federal Student Loans

Free Virtual Webinar

May 8, 2024 


Appeals and student loans (2)


Webinar Details:


The roller coaster ride that is the college planning process can be overwhelming. If you are the parent of a senior student, you have already been through a lot and are approaching the finish line. But it is important to check in where you are now in the process, along with what is the next stop on the ride. 

That is why we are inviting all of our Class of 2024 parents and students to join us for our free live webinar so we can check in on where we are now - final appeal efforts to maximize awards, looking ahead to paying the bill, and starting to talk about student loans options.

During this interactive session, Matt and Peg will cover:

1. Is there still time to appeal your financial aid award?

2. Does it make sense to submit an appeal at this point?

3. The current states of affairs with the FAFSA fiasco and how colleges are responding.

4. Introduction to student loans - best practices & timeline

5. Federal Direct Student Loans

We'll also spend some time on Q&A so bring your questions and show up live!

Make sure you're part of this essential hour filled with insights and direction. Matt and Peg bring not only their trusted expertise but also a deep commitment to helping families manage the complexities of college planning. With their guidance, you'll gain the insights and resources required to move confidently through this part of the college planning journey.

 Register now! And share this with anyone who will benefit...the more the merrier.